Garach & Garach

GARACH & GARACH is a multi-disciplinary firm of Financial Advisors who provide professional commercial and financial solutions to quality conscious clients in a cost effective manner.

The firm has a vision to be the professional service provider of choice that rapidly and consistently secures superior delivery.


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Personal Finance news

  • What are the risks of trading foreign exchange or derivatives online, and is this really an easy way to make money?
  • The 'knowledge economy' will require employees to have a new set of skills. What the future of work may look like...
  • The financial advice ombud has ruled in favour of a woman whose husband died before a life policy on his life took effect.
  • The Ombud for Financial Services Providers has issued two determinations against an adviser for putting clients? money into a microlending business that collapsed.

Tax news

  • With the gap between rich and poor widening in South Africa, it is inevitable that the tax net will be adjusted to gather in more of the resources of the wealthy.
  • Taxpayers with offshore investments who may not have complied fully with tax and exchange control regulations in the past have a chance to put that right.
  • The Davis Tax Commission is calling for submissions on possible new forms of wealth tax in South Africa.
  • A recent tax case demonstrated quite clearly how paying tax under a ?statutory obligation? might seem ?unfair?, but that there was nothing ?unjust? about it.

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